Solveig's Ordination at Salisbury Cathedral

The Reverend Solveig Sonet was ordained deacon in Salisbury Cathedral, with seven others, on Sunday 30th June.  Many photographs were taken on the day.  A selection have been chosen to give a feel for the occasion.  Some are of the procession or the service itself, others of groups taken outside when the service was over.  Solveig’s family and parishioners from Swanage and Studland attending also appear in some of the photographs.  Features of the service which include the laying on of hands, the foot washing, the sign of the sharing of the peace of Christ, and the celebration of holy communion all appear amongst these photos.  We hope that you enjoy them, whether having been there and reliving the moment, or not having been at the service, but having a glimpse of what happened.  It was a very happy occasion.

John Mann