Swanage Folk Festival Service - 9th September

The Swanage Folk Festival is to take place on the second weekend in September as in previous years. St Mary’s has a very special (and quite different and informal) morning service, and looks forward to welcoming many visitors on Sunday 9th Sept at 10.30 a.m.  Expect singing and dancing in various Folk traditions, familiar hymns, readings and prayers.  The theme this year is “The Love that Dances”.  It’s a way of blessing the Festival, and it’s certainly a blessing for the Church to be involved in this way.  There will be no session of ‘Explore’for children during the service, because we know that children will be engaged in the spectacle and energy of the occasion and fully participate.  Do join us at St Mary’s if you’re not worshipping elsewhere at that time.

Please note there will be restricted parking for disabled people only.

There will also be a concert at 3.30pm.

The 8.00 a.m. service of Holy Communion and 6.30 p.m. service of Choral Evensong are unaffected by the Festival and will will be as normal as on any other Sunday.