Why not start the Aldhelm Certificate?

Aldhelm Certificate Faith in God’s World

A Deanery course to deepen your Christian faith

What do we believe about Jesus and why?

Is science incompatible with faith?

How does our faith relate to the world of work?


"This course offers a great opportunity to go deeper and grow in faith"

- Canon Simon Everett (Rural dean)


Term 1: April 17th to May 22nd: Faith in Christ

The evidence for Jesus in the Gospels and history

What does it mean to call Jesus “Christ”?

Christ in our world today Knowing Christ through experience


Term 2: June 5th to July 17th: Faith in a Scientific World

Faith and science: side by side or worlds apart?

Did Darwin challenge faith?

A Christian response to Dawkins

What difference does the Hadron Collider make?


Term 3 September 4th to October 16th: Faith at Work

Joining the dots: who does Christ want me to be?

Issues of stress, honesty and integrity

Work/faith balance: does my church know who I am at work?

Faith in retirement



Why should I come?

To explore and deepen your Christian faith
To link your Christian faith to your daily life
To increase your confidence in your Christian faith

Where and When?

The Vestry, St George’s Church, High Street, Langton Matravers, Dorset BH19 3HZ
Tuesdays from 19:00 to 20:30



Do I have to do all three terms?

No, you can pick and mix any one, two or all three terms,
Yes, you should do all three terms if you want to gain the Aldhelm’s certificate*

Who’s involved?

You...we hope!
Around a dozen or so other Christians from the Deanery

The tutors:

o Revd Tony Edmonds a retired priest from Studland

o Revd John Mann the Team Rector of the Swanage and Studland Team Ministry

o And other experienced helpers

How do I join the course and what does it cost?

Join online by going to the Diocese of Salisbury website**
There is a fee of £15 per term which includes the course material
If you are able to make a voluntary gift (any amount) to help with the costs of refreshments and room use
, that’s fine, but don’t worry if you can’t.


Revd Tony Edmonds: t.e.edmonds@btconnect.com or phone 01929 450097
Revd John Mann: john.o.mann@btinternet.com

* The Aldhelm’s Certificate is given to course participants who have attended all three terms and completed a written reflection on the course. The certificates are awarded at a special presentation service.

**Go to the Diocese of Salisbury website (type “Diocese of Salisbury” into your search engine and a link will appear saying “Welcome Diocese of Salisbury. Click on the link)

On the websites Home page find the box in the top lefthand corner containing the words Search this site

Type the words “Aldhelm Course Langton” into the box and click “Go”. Links to each of the three parts of the course should appear. Click on these links

If you have any problems do get in touch with your local priest or Revd Tony Edmonds